Food products derived from hemp will fit the bill.

At ACI Foods we specialize in processing hemp-based food products that are all “Organic.

Pure and Simple.”


If you are not already a convert to the health, nutritional and structural bounty which is hemp, ACI is in

business to share. While our core production is bulk hulled hemp seed, oil, protein powder and flour we

are actively developing new consumer food and cosmetic products. This latter part of our business has

grown substantially. In business since 2013, constantly learning and growing, we have come to believe

that hemp products can complement and, in some cases, replace some cosmetic items.


With our traditional product lines, new retail products, and continued and trusted partnerships with

some of Canada’s best organic farmers and whole-food manufacturers, we are now able to share our

product lines nationally, across the US, Japan, and Korea.


ACI Foods is certified organic internationally through the Organic Crop Improvement Association, is

registered Kosher by the Orthodox Union and registered with Health Canada and the FDA.

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